Marwa Abubakr (she/her) is currently a student at Berkeley City College and works at a literacy non-profit in Oakland. She was raised in Fremont, becoming involved with SAVE in 2015 and later interning with Team STYT. 

Luna Leung (she/her) was born in Fremont but raised in Clovis, Fresno. She is a Political Science major at Berkeley City College. Luna is passionate about the environment and learning new things to improve communities and our planet.

Jean Pham (they/them) is a lifelong learner, cultural worker and organizer living in the East Bay. Jean is committed to building local and national movements that promote the self-determination of oppressed peoples everywhere. They are non-binary and trans feminine.

Kristopher Cruz (he/him) is a music teacher here in Fremont. Come talk to him about anime, video games, and K-pop!


Participants will have the chance to attend workshops of their choice during the three breakout sessions. Here is some more information about the workshops and presenters.

Breakout Session 1 
10:55 am - 11:50 am
"Gender Stereotypes"
by Team STYT
In this workshop, participants will identify gender stereotypes, discuss the ways that stereotypes negatively impact folks of every gender, and draw connections between abusive relationships and stereotypical beliefs around gender. Participants will take part in a lively discussion and have a chance to share ways that they have experienced or observed gender stereotypes in their own lives! Join us as we learn how to break harmful gender stereotypes.
"That's Not Love: Teen Dating Violence"
by the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach (APILO) Youth Advisory Council
In our workshop, we will define consent and abuse, analyze portrayals of domestic relationships in popular media, combat myths surrounding dating violence, and review our rights and resources. We will also examine the different aspects of abuse while learning how to break the cycle of violence that has been institutionalized and normalized in our society.
Breakout Session 2 
12:45 pm - 1:45pm
"Freestyle Rap: Conscious Flow"
by Khan, Conscious Flow Collective
Explore the mind freeing philosophy and meditative practice of "freestyle"with emcee Khan. This workshop will provide you with conceptual and practical tools to begin your journey into stream-of-consciousness and rap.
"Consent & Consent Culture"
by Sarah Powell (she/her) & the PPMM Teen Council Peer Program, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
Consent culture imagines a world in which consent and communication are normalized and expected. In this workshop, we will explore the meaning of affirmative consent, demonstrate the various ways people may communicate about consent and non-consent, and explore how consent culture impacts different aspects of life. (Please note that this workshop will involve discussion of sexual scenarios and situations of non-consent.)
Breakout Session 3 
1:50 pm - 2:50 pm
"Not Until Marriage: Dating as a 2nd Gen Teen"
by Shalini Dayal (she/her), BASANT
Do you ever feel like you’re walking a fine line between two cultures? Being a child of immigrants might feel like you’re having to live in between two different worlds, especially when it comes to your dating life. Join us to dive into the complications of dating as a second-generation teen. We’ll be discussing how we balance familial expectations alongside our own needs, what it’s like to tackle tough conversations with parents, and how to manage our well being while navigating our complex lives.
"IMO: Getting Real About Social Media Activism"
by Kristie Chiang (she/her) and Jessica Merrill (she/her)
Learn how to leverage your social media presence as a vehicle to push forward social change within your community. In this breakout session, you'll get to witness the efficacy and power of social media as a marketing and engagement tool, see it in action, and leave with fresh new ideas on how you can build your brand as an educator and/or activist.
FEATURED CLOSING PERFORMANCE: Drag Performance by The One And Only Rexy (she/her)

The One And Only Rexy is a radical Trans Latina drag performer using her art form of drag and lived experiences as fuel for her activism.


Rexy has been organizing and performing for 8+ years, starting in fighting her high school's administration for protection against transphobic harassment and violence, moving into organizing on a statewide level lobbying support of AB 1266 The School Success and Opportunity Act and the FAIR Education Act  (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act). Rexy eventually started organizing on a national level by joining GSA Network (Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network) as an intern and organized their annual National Gathering in which 40 statewide organizations bring together youth representatives in efforts to create a cohesive national movement. 

In 2012 Rexy realized that although the Fair Act had been implemented, schools were not equipped to include LGBTQ people into academic conversations. Yearning to have her community and identity represented in academia, she started The Rexy Project, a project created to use drag and storytelling as a way to educate students on LGBTQ topics. 

You can find Rexy, speaking at rallies for Trans rights, serving on the Transgender Advisory Council to the city of San Francisco, working with the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, hosting drag fundraisers for local queer non profits, giving guest lectures, all while living her truest most daring life. 

  Instagram @ TheOneAndOnlyRexy  


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